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Test Only Stations


Test Only Stations are privately owned Smog Check Stations licensed by Bureau of Automotive Repair to inspect and Certify most vehicles, including Gross Polluters.  Additionally, 36% of the vehicles in the smoggiest areas of  California  are directed each year to Test-Only stations for their initial inspection.  Owners of these vehicles are notified in their DMV renewal notice.
Test-Only cannot:
*diagnose or perform any emission-related repairs on vehicles; or     
*refer motorists to specific test and repair facilities.
For more information, please call the Department of Consumer Affairs at800-952-5210 or visit the smog check website at


Who Are We?


The founder and president of our company has been Certified and has been inspecting vehicles since 1985 our company has been in business since 1999 servicing the community, our goal is to provided excellent, accurate, fast service to our customers and help california clean up the air one car at a time.
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